Weathering with you (English subtitles)

Weathering with you (English subtitles)

Weathering with you (English subtitles)


Tässä versiossa ainoastaan englanninkielinen tekstitys!

This version has only English subtitles!

The film takes place in a Japan beset by near-endless rain. Under a perpetually gray sky, Weathering With You follows Hodaka, a teenage boy who leaves home for Tokyo with no real plan other than getting away and trying to make it on his own. He falls in with Suga, a tabloid writer who gives him a place to stay in exchange for being his assistant. Throughout, he keeps crossing paths with Hina, a girl who we learn has the power to summon sunshine with a prayer.

In Weathering With You, the climate apocalypse is already here, even though it’s never explicitly stated. It’s a story told almost entirely through the environment: buildings are overgrown with vines and greenery begins to creep into buildings abandoned by humans.

Weathering with you was the most watched animated film in Japan 2019.




Tenki no ko
Äänirooleissa: Kotaru Daigo on Hodaka. Nana Mori on Aurinkotyttö Hina. Tsubasa Honda on Natsumi Suga. Sakura Kiryu on Nagisa Amano
1h 52 min
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